Putting In the Miles With Jason: Vol. 1, Issue 4

Putting In the Miles With Jason: Vol. 1, Issue 4

Hello Islander Fans,

Well, what can I say? The feeling of going to Pre-Nationals and going up against the best cross country teams in the nation was an experience my teammates and I will never forget. It was a cold day in Indiana and slightly muddy from the rain showers of that morning, but a little rain didn't affect us and the cold weather, well I am sure most of my teammates will agree we were happy that we were gone from the Texas humidity and heat. There were 52 teams competing and seven runners in each team, which meant we were going to run in a race that contained 364 runners from all across the United States, and we were excited to be in the mix.

The last time the Islanders went to Pre-Nationals was in 2005 when Shadrack Songok led the way, as he placed 7th overall. This time, and once again this season, leading the way for the Islanders was Philipp Baar, as he completed the 8k race in 24:58, missing his personal record by just eight seconds. The next four Islanders that came across the finish line all had personal records, starting with myself crossing the line in 25:15, finishing second for the Islanders. Finishing just three seconds back of me was our captain Justin Adame, as he crossed in 25:18. Our fourth and fifth runners were our freshmen, as Cesar Gonzales crossed the line with the time of 25:44, destroying his old record by almost two minutes, and finishing off strong was Edgar Martinez with the time of 25:50, beating his personal best by 30 seconds. This performance really gave them a boost of confidence heading into the Southland Conference Championship, which will be held at McNeese State on Nov. 1.

The Islanders men left pleased with our performances, but we are still not satisfied until we reach our goal of winning the Southland Conference Championship. We are still training very hard and even though we still have two weeks until our championship race, we are not going to let up until the time counts. As a team, we want to be one of the best in Islanders history, and only time will tell if this is the team that takes home the grand prize. If you have a Twitter and want to know more about the team, send your questions to @jsn_garcia. Because as Islanders we train hard, to win easy.

"You wouldn't believe it if we told you, but we run like the wind blows"