Running With Cecy: Vol. 3, Issue 2

Running With Cecy: Vol. 3, Issue 2

Hey Islanders Fans,

Thank you all for reading the very first blog of the season! I appreciate all the great feedback, and I am excited to keep you updated with how everything goes throughout the year with your Islanders!

Well, last week was very frustrating  for me. I enjoyed the rainy weather and being able to wear leggings to school, but all the change in the weather caught up to me and I got a cold. I couldn't make it to the meet at Rice University, and I was very sad being cooped up in my room instead of out there racing with my team. However, my coach said some very wise and encouraging words to me that made me feel better about sitting this meet out.

Unfortunately, we did not get the results we wanted during the invitational, finishing in sixth place, but we the team wasn't running at full strength. This week though, our team has had some good practices and is making some progress. I feel like my illness has gone away, my backache is gone and my teammates have continued to motivate me past this.

I think it's good that there's not a lot of pressure being put on us right now. Our entire season is like a race, and we are the underdog, which is my favorite place to be. We aren't starting in the front of the pack, we are making our way up and we will finish with a strong kick at the end. I am super excited with the work my teammates and I are putting in this season and hopefully by the time Nov. 1 comes (Southland Conference Championship) our bodies will be ready to handle anything.

This Friday we have our home meet THE FAMOUS ISLANDER SPLASH! And those hills won't know what's coming! I hope you come out there to come and support us and run with us, literally, because in cross country meets even grandpa has to run to be able to watch you! So please come on out and support our men and women! Before I wrap this blog up, what would you like to know about the women's cross country team? Email me at and I will answer the questions as best as I can!

Other than that, remember to"Keep your Islanders Pride, and don't forget to stride"

Yours truly,

Cecy Jones