Putting In the Miles With Jason: Vol. 1, Issue 2

Putting In the Miles With Jason: Vol. 1, Issue 2

Hello Islanders Fans,

This past week was an exciting one for sure. We had our first full week of school and the cross country teams have been putting in the miles and hard work to be in the best shape for Nov. 1 when we head to McNeese State for our the Southland Conference Championship. We are taking full advantage of the new Dugan Track/Soccer stadium since it has been raining most mornings we head to the track to get in our workouts and are happy we don't have to drive across town anymore!

We had our second cross country meet this weekend, traveling to Houston to compete in the Rice Invitational with both the men and the women placing sixth. Unlike other sports, in cross country and track we want to shine in three key meets, which are conference, regionals and nationals. So even though we had a race, we still trained hard throughout the week and put in good, solid workouts. Coming in first for the Islanders and placing 11th overall at the meet was Philipp Baar who felt a little sick, but that didn't stop him from shining for the Islanders. I was the second Islanders to cross the finish line, finishing 22nd overall, and my racing partner Justin Adame, who didn't complete the race at UTPA, came in very strong as he came in third for the Islanders and 28th overall. Working and finishing together were the duo of Paul Hansel and Edgar Martinez, as they came in placing 40th and 41st and rounding out our top 5, as only the top five runners get to score in cross country. Also running well was the freshmen duo of Cesar Gonzalez and Daniel Guerrero finishing one second apart from each other.

 We all still have plenty of time to improve and get stronger, and we will all return even more fit in two weeks for the Islander Splash, which is our home meet located at West Guth Park. We are excited to compete and show our talents to our home crowd here in Corpus Christi on Sept. 27. It is still fairly early in our season, but we are keeping our eyes on the prize. Remember to keep up with Running with Cecy as she fills you in the women's team and its journey to the conference championship. We are ecstatic to see what the future holds and how our teams will get harder, better, faster and stronger. Because as Islanders we train hard, to win easy.

"You wouldn't believe it if we told you, but we run like the wind blows"