Running With Cecy: Vol. 2, Issue 2

Running With Cecy: Vol. 2, Issue 2

Hey Islanders Fans!

This week I want to dedicate this blog to the men's cross country team. This past weekend we traveled to the Chile Pepper Festival in Fayetteville, Ark. and the men's team made history. They finished third out of a competitive field. It was the best Chile Pepper finish on the men's side in Islanders history.

I wanted to say how proud I am of them and how hard they work! The women's cross country team loves you guys even though you all are mean to us! Just kidding! But anyways, I have witness a few boys grow into men and fast runners since my freshman year of college, some even since before then and I feel like they have been a part of my growth as a runner, as well as I have been a part of theirs.

The men's cross country team always works hard and pushes each other. They are a family within themselves that help each other become strong leaders. I look up to these guys as role models when it comes to training because from when they wake up till they go to sleep they continue to strive to their goals and reach for the win. Being a guy must be complicated, especially if you are a student-athlete. Men are so competitive and really freaking fast! I have noticed that outside of running they are funny guys and pick on each other and me too!

This past week Jacob Abrego has do ne some awesome work. I have known Jacob since my freshman year of high school and he has so much passion with running. According to their captain Adrian Marquez, Jacob has put in some great improvement; he wakes up with a goal and tries his best to reach it. I would like to say that I personally agree to that, Jacob is a true inspiration for non-runners and runners and he has grown into a great runner! Good job Jacob!

All of the guys have a special place with us on the women's side. We have a love/hate relationship, sometimes you guys pick at me for my long baggy shorts, for my dog, the way I pronounce a word, the way I make a face, how I sound, um should I go on? But in the end they treat us like sisters and care for us with some of their little cold hearts (hehe). I have figured out that the funniest guy on the men's team is Paul Hansel aka Busta rhymes is what I call him but he is defined as Buster lol. The boys are great leaders to us because when we see them do great it motivates us to be like them. They are an inspiring group of young men and handsome (sometimes) so I just want to let you all know that the men's cross country team is a great team full of responsible leaders!!! And I am proud to be in the same team as them and run along them.

Now to end this blog, I want you guys to make someone else's day special just like I hope I made our men feel :) and remember, "Keep your Islander pride, and don't forget to stride," with yours truly!


Cecy Jones