Running With Cecy: Vol. 2, Issue 1

Running With Cecy: Vol. 2, Issue 1


So this week was a great week to be an Islander!! How is your week going? I will tell you about my week first! I have had a busy week … I am a student, athlete, worker, wife, mom (to my puppy), daughter, sister, and friend all in ONE! I have been working with my brother and we are starting a photography business sort of deal. We are called AG Photography and the initials are our dad's Adrian Gonzalez since he was the one who introduced us to photography. I love taking pictures and I have a gift of having a "good eye" for what angles are good, abstracts, colors, etc. I enjoy it a lot and it makes it fun for me working with my family.

Besides that, this past Friday we had our Islanders Splash! I came in third overall! We loved all the support that was there. I was so happy to have my husband there along with all of my family (from both my side and his). The weather was also wonderful! We got some rain the first 800 meters of the women's race. It was pretty cool! We hosted the High School Islanders Splash on Saturday and it went pretty smoothly except we got A LOT of rain that morning but we needed it! We worked really hard that day but in the end we got PIZZA as a reward!! (One of my favorite foods).

At my job we are doing a commercial/video, trying to get the word out of what we do. We are GO CENTER MENTORS. We help high school seniors sign up for the ACT and SAT, Apply Texas, etc. We just finished acting and filming yesterday and it was a lot of fun.

I received some fan questions from Robert Pulido and Liza Galvin! Thanks guys! Keep asking me questions and I will answer them the best I can!

What is the status of the track/soccer facility that is currently being built?

Do you all train in any new places?

Pre-race rituals: Do you all still do race visualization?

What is the hardest workout that Coach Flanagan has put you through? Do you repeat this workout or was it a one time thing?

I am very excited for our track/soccer stadium that should be ready this spring! We are getting a soccer team in the fall of 2013. Before the Splash, on Wednesday, we had practice at the school and every time before a race Coach Flanagan always has us do a "visualization." During the visualization we lay down on the floor and we close our eyes in the dark and he instructs us on what to do. He tells us to relax, then to tighten almost all of our muscles, and then he has us run the race in our head and imagine the pain that we normally get when we are doing the actual race. I normally don't do anything else crazy the day before a race, but the day of I can't eat anything heavy. For breakfast I have two scrambled eggs with ham and bananas. For lunch I will have a salad. If I make the salad at home it's mostly lettuce, bell peppers, baked cut up chicken and tomatoes. I have to make sure I don't eat four hours before a race because I can get mentally distracted if my stomach feels bloated or so. Ha! So that is my pre- race rituals!

About two or three weeks ago we had a few tough workouts in different places around Corpus Christi. I have come to the conclusion that the top three hardest workouts for me are:

1. At West Guth we do 1000 repeats. Keep in mind that this course is tough and hilly and we have to hit race pace.

2. At the dirt roads (flat) we do tempo two mile repeats three times and it's very tough.

3. When we go to West Guth and do 400, 400 and 800 meter repeats uphill.

Those workouts have made me a strong runner as well as the rest of the team. Coach Flanagan is a great coach and he has done so much for us that has helped us become great and fast runners!!! We LOVE YOU COACH!! Those workouts that I previously mentioned are done at least twice during cross country season. Since our season is short, this is very tough, but as we get in better shape they seem a lot easier. I enjoy cross country and as its coming to an end I get more excited for track! Track is my favorite, because you always feel lighter and FASTER!!!

Well I have talked a lot about myself and my life just keeps getting busier and busier! I love it though. Another exciting thing that happened to me yesterday was that I got voted to be TEAM CAPTAIN!! Along with JASMINE BOUTTE! We are going to conquer the world!! Ha, just kidding! Anyway guys, now I'm going to type some Spanish essays, and get back to other work!

One final thought, congrats to me teammate BreAnna Briggs for getting Southland Conference Women's Athlete of the Week! YOU DESERVE IT! And Good luck to the women's volleyball team tonight at the DIG PINK GAME!!! Are you going?? We will be there supporting the team! Hope to see you there! Now remember, "Keep your Islander pride, and don't forget to stride," with yours truly!


Cecy Jones

P.S. Shout out to my sister-in-law Mayela and my cousin Kathy & Adrianna! It was their birthday on Wednesday!