Running With Cecy: Vol. 1, Issue 4

Running With Cecy: Vol. 1, Issue 4

Hey Islanders Fans, 

So let me start off with telling you that us ISLANDERS had a great past week. We had some great practices and made some great memories. But I want to tell you a little bit of what happened to me this week … ONE BAD thing happened … my new puppy Boston fell down the stairs at 3:30 a.m. last Monday. It was so terrifying and I got really scared, but he is okay. We took him to the vet and he is going to heal SOON! Besides that I started a new job that I really like but I didn't get to get my hair highlighted this week! Which stinks? Ha anyways, maybe soon! Well that's the bad news of my week the good news is that my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHOW GLEE STARTED ON THURSDAY NIGHT! And we had our very first women's cross country team dinner. That was a great night!

On Friday we drove up to Rice University. I have to say that out of all the meets we go to besides conference and regional races Rice is my absolute favorite! On the way to Houston, Coach Flanagan put in a book on DVD and the girls absolutely loved it! They said it was a funny, mysterious and interesting story. I love going to Rice University because their campus is so beautiful and we always seem to race really well!  

After the race, I found this big leaf that was bigger than my face it was so cool! I was also very happy because I had family members that went to watch me run for the first time ever and they said they enjoyed it! In Houston, it was pouring down rain, but then as soon as we got to the course it settled down. We raced and did pretty good, I was content but there is still room for improvement. After the race we went to Coach Flanagan's in-law's house and it was so beautiful! They made chicken and beef fajitas along with rice and beans and then and then … we had CHEESECAKE!!!!! Oh my gosh it was amazing! After dinner some of my teammates swam in their pool and had a little relay race! Me, Adrian Marquez, and Chelsey Arambula won!! Wooo hooo!  

We really don't know how to thank coach's family for their hospitality! This got me to my ending thoughts … I have come to realize that I am so thankful for everything I have and everything I don't have. I want to challenge you to be grateful and to be humble. Think of others and what they went through to get you something, or somewhere and be grateful. As an Islander we have to be proud of our school and grateful of the opportunities this school gives us. We are being educated and will have a successful future if we choose to, but for now, be grateful that you are here. Have a great week everyone and remember, "Keep your Islander pride and don't forget to stride," with yours truly!  


Cecy Jones