Running With Cecy: Vol. 1, Issue 1

Running With Cecy: Vol. 1, Issue 1

Hey Islander Fans, 

So this is my first blog, and I just want to say THANKS FOR RUNNING ALONG WITH ME! I love to write and I never thought I would actually be a personal blogger! Woo hoo! So to start off I want to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Ana Cecilia Gonzalez. Two years ago I said "I DO" to my high school sweetheart Derek Jones and so now my name is Ana Cecilia Jones. A lot of people don't know me by my first name, they only know me by my nickname "Cecy" which comes from my middle name Cecilia. I know long story and a bit complicated.  

Anyways, now to tell you a little bit about this first week. We started practice last Saturday, exactly one week from today! We have a great group of new freshmen this year, Alexandra Fernandez, Regina Salinas, Kim Ward, Ashley Mills and Samantha Hardin. They are all very smart and talented young ladies. Last week we went to West Guth Park which is about 30 minutes from campus and it's a very hilly course. The girls did nine miles and the boys did 12. It was tough because it started getting HOT but we all looked really good! Then we had afternoon practice and it was a lot of fun. Coach is having us do a couple of laps barefoot on the intramural field and then some drills followed by two more laps. We finished practice by playing water polo and basketball for the last 30 minutes of practice.  

On Monday and Tuesday we had Student-Athlete Orientation, almost all day. We had a lot of our returning cross country runners volunteer at the orientation and that went really great. Our practices have consisted of long runs, strides on the intramural field, hill runs along with pool workouts. I don't want to give away all our secrets though of our specific workouts incase our opponents are reading!! 

Now back to this week, we started practice and so far I've heard that everyone's first day was really good, mine on the other hand wasn't the best. I got sick on Tuesday and it started with my throat hurting and then I got a stuffy nose, etc. It was awful! But everyone seems to be in good shape! It's still early in the season so let's hope it stays that way.  

Of course I forgot to mention all the funny jokes Coach Flanagan comes up with in the early morning! Well, I am excited to keep ya'll informed every week on the inside world of Islanders Cross Country! This week was a bit hectic though because it was the first week and everyone is getting used to things around here especially the whole waking up thing and running so much. Next week is our first meet and I am excited to talk to you all about it!  

Talk to you all soon and thanks for running along with me! Bye!