A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 2, Issue 5

A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 2, Issue 5

What's up Islander Fans?!

I hope you all are having a fantastic week! I know I am! We are currently wrapping up the semester with finals ahhhh! After the November schedule that we had, we turn around and have finals! It's hard, but it's a part of being a student-athlete! We ended the month playing one more game than the Houston Rockets!! We are definitely a great team to overcome such a tough schedule, but with that said, we have learned a lot about ourselves and each other making November a month to remember and December a month to look forward to.  

These first two weeks of December we don't have a game so we have had some tough practices to get ready for our Dec. 15 game against Texas State. One that I personally always look forward to because if you all remember from last year, one of my closest friends Jasmine Baugus, plays for them. I'm excited to see her play and play against her my last year but I'm even more excited to BEAT THEM!!!!! :) But outside of that, our practices this week have been like boot camp lol. We have been getting our legs and minds ready to endure these upcoming games against Texas State (Dec. 15), Cornell (Dec. 18) and TCU (Dec. 29).  

I hope to see you all there this Saturday in the Dugan Wellness Center!!! Well I just wanted to keep you all updated on the events that have been going on for your women's basketball team!!! Now…back to studying!


Imani Dunn