A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 2, Issue 4

A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 2, Issue 4

What's up Islanders Fans! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family! For our Thanksgiving, we spent it together as a team in Boulder, Colo., where they had a feast prepared for us at the Omni Hotel. Despite the fact that we weren't able to spend the holiday with our biological families, we spent it with each other, our family away from family. 

This past weekend your women's basketball team traveled to Boulder, Colo. and participated in the Omni Hotels Classic. There were some great teams that participated in the tournament including, University of Colorado, Auburn University, San Diego State University, and of course your Texas A&M - Corpus Christi Islanders. We had a tough schedule, and unfortunately lost both games that we played. The first was against Colorado and the consolation game was against Auburn. We played good teams and became a better team! You all would be very impressed with the progress that we have made as a team! In 13 days we have played six total games. This has made us a tougher team to play against, soooooo, I feel sorry for the teams that we have to play later on in the season because they are going to be in for a fight!!! :)

While we were in Colorado, one of my best friends from high school, Ember, came to show us some support while we played our tough opponents. She has recently joined the Army and is stationed there so it was great to be able to see her since we haven't seen each other in about a year and a half. It was a good thing I got to see her this weekend because unfortunately she is deploying to Afghanistan today :( I wish her all the luck and safety that I can bring to her! I Love You Ember Marie!! Lol she may be upset that I just put her legally born name on here but she'll get over it lol. My dad is over in Afghanistan as well still fighting for our country! He should be home soon though. Yay! Love you daddy!  

SIDENOTE (SN): Even though I have been teammates with Shan (Ashanti Plummer) and Z (Zenobia Winbush) for the past seven months lol, I did not realize how funny they were until this weekend! Lol I love the Freshies!!! Caught some of my teammates sleeping in the airport! --------------------->

But we have a game on Wednesday, Nov. 28, against our RIVAL UTPA!! Come out and show some support for your women's team as we gain revenge for the loss we took to them at the beginning of the year!! 

Well time for me to go tutor!! Hope to see you all this week! 

✌,<3, and Basketball 

Imani Dunn