A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 2, Issue 1

A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 2, Issue 1

Hey there Islanders Fans!  

How's everything going this week? Good I hope! Well guess what... 

The ship has sailed and your women's basketball team has officially started practicing! Last week was our first week of practice and it was very intense! We are learning new drills, plays, and a new mindset as we start to enter into our November 11th game against Belmont. This is week two of practice and everything is getting better. We get 1-10% better every practice, which means come conference we are looking to have a ring! Pause........thank you to all of the boosters and fans who are a part of the Locker Room Club and have come out to watch a few of our practices! Knowing that you all are there really motivates us to go hard every day and continue to get better! Every day is an opportunity to get better and help a teammate out for the good of the team. One thing that we have in our gym that motivates me personally is John Wooden's Pyramid of Success. That is legendary motivation on its own!!!! If you haven't been to our practice we would love to see you sometime. 8-D. And if you didn't know, we our having an exhibition game on November 4th against Texas Lutheran at the American Bank Center at 2 p.m.  

In other news, Halloween is coming up and so, because I'm a big kid, I've been watching the Disney channel all week because my favorite Halloween movies have been coming on lol. My favorite out of all the movies is Twitches starring 'Sister, Sister' Tia and Tamera Mowery! I missed it on Sunday morning, but you better believe I caught it that night lol. And my other favorite movie Halloween Town II came on last night! Lol I know, I know I should be watching other stuff huh? Well I can't help it Disney channel is addicting sometimes lol. But on a serious note, make sure that you all keep the kiddos safe on Halloween night! Make sure to wear bright colors and have flashlights and glow sticks. Check all candy before allowing your kids to eat it, and the most important thing to always remember, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

By The Way: If you didn't already know, the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwood will be having a Halloween Carnival on Wednesday October 31st at the Boys & Girls Club, and if you'd rather go there than go trick-or-treating then you will be able to meet some of your Islanders student-athletes as well as some of the behind the scenes staff who allow us to do the things that we do. Also coming up on our agenda this month is the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk downtown Corpus Christi at Water Gardens on October 20th!!! We are going out to support our very own breast cancer survivor Jennifer Baker (women's basketball academic coordinator). Make sure you all take a moment out this month of breast cancer awareness and have a moment of silence for those survivors as well as those who fought and fought but are not able to be with us anymore. Last but not least our annual reading rally at the YWCA on Everhart and Corona will also be on October 20th. That is one of our most favored events because we get to interact with kids as well as play games with them and teach them the importance of reading and having an education :-) 

Well fans that is our schedule of events for this month. I will definitely keep you all posted on how practice is going within the weeks! Thanks for reading! 

Yours Truly, 


Imani Dunn