Q&A: Get to Know Associate Women's Basketball Coach Roxanne White

Q&A: Get to Know Associate Women's Basketball Coach Roxanne White

GoIslanders.com caught up with Islanders Associate Women's Basketball Coach Roxanne White off the court with a Q&A: 

GI: What does it mean to be a part of the Islanders women's basketball family?

RW: Well I think first of all I get to have an opportunity to come back to Texas. It's been a great recruiting base in the past. I feel a little closer to home to Louisiana. Just the atmosphere and the feel of the Island, it's a wonderful place. It will be an opportunity for great players to have great careers here at Texas A&M - Corpus Christi. 

GI: What are you most looking forward to this season?

RW: Winning. I think every coach, that's what you envision when you take over a program. I guess it's just the opportunity to be successful to put yourself in that situation. 

GI: What is one word to describe yourself?

RW: Intense … I think I'm fun off the court and on the court I'm a little bit intense. On the court I make sure that we are getting something done and off the court in the office area I like to have fun. 

GI: Growing up who was your sports idol?

RW: I was a big Dallas Cowboys fan so there was numerous people that I really enjoyed watching. I like all sports. I love football and I love basketball. I'm really excited about the Olympics this summer. Just to watch the world's best compete. You don't get to do that very often. 

GI: Favorite arena/place to coach in?

RW: Home. Whatever your home court is, you have the home court advantage. That's always my favorite part. The ABC and the Dugan. Those are obviously my favorite places. 

GI: What is your favorite quote?

RW: "You produce! You play!" 

GI: What is your favorite sport to watch other than basketball?

RW: I love football. I'm a big LSU Tiger fan. That's probably not popular in the state of Texas but they have a lot of teams to choose from. But in Lousiana, you have one select few when it comes to football. Go Tigers! 

GI: Biggest sports icon or celebrity you have ever met?

RW: I don't know … maybe Royce Chadwick. For those of you that don't know him … (laughs) … I don't really think about it that way. Anybody that plays a sport has to put so much into it and some people are just born naturally gifted, a God given gift, so those people make their way with that.  

GI: Favorite place to eat on the road while recruiting?

RW: Any place that has Cajun food. I'm good with that. Maybe a Pappadeaux, so other people can have steaks. If it's Cajun food or seafood I'm with it and actually I like all foods. 

GI: What is one random fact about you that most people don't know?

RW: I'm the youngest of six children, that's why I'm spoiled (laughs). That's it! 

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