What’s Done is Dunn: Vol. 2, Issue 2

What’s Done is Dunn: Vol. 2, Issue 2

Islander Fans,

It's been a week since I have updated you all. Last week we hosted our first two home conference games. We picked up our first conference win on Saturday against Southeastern La. It felt really good to finally get everyone off our backs and get a victory.

We left Tuesday for Arlington for our game yesterday. We flew out around 1 p.m. and got into Arlington around 4 p.m. Then we went to practice for two hours and then went to dinner. I ate a 10 oz. Sirloin, medium rare and a HUGE sweet potato. It was delicious.  There were six slices of sirloin and I ate four of them *pats myself on the back*

Wednesday was game day. Woke up and ate breakfast at 8 a.m. I ate a bowl of cereal. Then we had shoot around from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. It was pretty legit. Then off to pre-game meal where I had chicken and waffles. Mmmm. And... spinach dip. I love spinach dip. It's the best. After dinner we went back to the hotel and I began my shower ritual. You all remember that from my previous blog. Then I went to sleep ... for a good hour and a half, before I had to go down the hall to room 219 and pick up Amber our SID since she wanted to be a player this week and be on crutches. I was her right hand woman and helped her with all her bags all week *dust my shoulder off*

Then off to the game. It was a rough first five minutes, but we got the flow going and didn't stop. I hit a buzzer shot, my first one ever, in my life, with the assist from Verne'qua Taylor aka Nene. Boooyaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Started the second half and again it was a rough first five minutes, but we pulled it out for the win. Our first conference road win of the season! Alisa Roberts came clutch with the free throws hitting 6 for 6 in the last minute of the game to clinch the win!! *whoop whoop*

After the game we went to dinner and I got Amber's food and she told me to put everything on it. So I did. I put every type of bean to guacamole, except I didn't put all three meats because she only said chicken. But I must have did good cause she liked it.

So we get back to the hotel and my grandma comes to visit aka Nikki aka Anitra Jeffery aka former Islanders women's basketball player. Shout out to my Aunt Baby Sister aka Scottie aka Adrienne Scott aka former Islanders women's basketball player also for coming to the game and rooting us on. But while we were at the hotel I was eating and me and grandma we were OovoOing my mother and I caught a cramp in my leg. I screamed so loud Coach D thought somebody was fighting. So she came rushing into the room with a concern look on her face. >:-/  Then Sy came in with a concerned look on her face (Shout out to the BEST TRAINER EVER!!!!!!). She heard it too. So she tried to stretch my hamstring out and in the midst of her doing that I caught a cramp in my quad. So then she made me roll over so she could stretch my quad and the cramp in my hamstring came back. It hurt so bad. I think I was on the floor for 10 minutes. My mom and grandma thought it was so funny that I was hurting. I was so mad at them. They were just dying laughing and I was in serious pain. Its ok I forgive them though.

Ok so I must have stumped you guys since no one guessed what tenosynovitis is. So I'm going to give a shout out to our trainer Sayuri Hiraishi AGAIN, who diagnosed me with it. What's up Sy!! Tenosynovitis is the inflammation of the synovium that surrounds a tendon. That's what I have in my wrist but it's getting better.

Since I told all of you about Trish Amboree's hidden talent, I'm going to tell you about mine. I like to draw and during our downtime in Arlington I drew this for you guys. Sorry I didn't color it, I didn't have crayons or colored pencils. I get my drawing ability from my grandmother *brush the shoulders*

So we had to get up at 4 a.m. to catch a flight at 7 a.m. *smh* By the way I watched the sunrise. Ok so we get to the airport and as usual I had all of Amber's bags and we get to the security check and I gave the man Amber's ID and a ticket. He looked at the ticket and he looked at the ID. He was so confused because they had two different names on it. So he looked at me and he said, "you did the whole switch-a-roo on me." Come to find out I gave him Amber's ID with my ticket and Amber said, "so you don't think we look alike?" We just laughed. It was funny.

I got to pre-board with Amber and I was asleep before the plane took off until we arrived at the gate in Corpus. Zzzzzzzzz.

Then got back to school and went to class as soon as we got to campus and now, here I am, letting you all know about the week. Btw I just got a massage.

Well hope to see you all at the game on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Dugan Wellness Center where we plan on taking down the Lady Bearkats of Sam Houston State. I will update you guys next week after we play the Lady Bobcats of Texas State.

Welp gotta go get my learn on in physics and exercise testing and prescription *yawn* still sleepy.