What’s Done is Dunn: Vol. 1, Issue 1

Imani Dunn
Imani Dunn

Islander Fans,

This past weekend we traveled on our second road trip of the season to take on Texas Southern and Houston Baptist in the Houston Baptist Tournament. We left on Thanksgiving Day, which is always tough for me and my teammates not being able to go home and see our families, but instead we ate a five-star Thanksgiving dinner at the hotel in Houston. LOL.

What I chose to eat was, steak (medium-rare), mashed potatoes, green beans, an Arnold Palmer and no dessert :(

We stayed at a hotel where we were platinum customers *brush the shoulder.* My roommate was Alisa Roberts (aka Lis, aka Philly). Our room was I don't even know the words to describe it. It was fresh. We had a livin' room, two full size beds, two plasma TVs, a vanity and a bathroom. Let's talk about the showers first: the shower felt so good, the water felt perfect. Thus far, my favorite.

Now let's talk about the doors: when you go to sleep, all you had to do was slide the doors shut and flip the latch and it was pitch dark. It was the best sleep I've had in a while.

Friday afternoon we ate lunch in downtown Houston, across the street from the Galleria. I had some fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken and six jumbo shrimps with an Island Cooler. The Island Cooler had mango, pineapple juice, Sprite in it which came with fruit in the straw and the fruit consisted of one orange, two pineapples, one strawberry and a lime. It was almost to pretty to drink!  

On Friday we played in our first game of the tournament against Texas Southern and it was disappointing, but we learned a lot about ourselves. So much, that we bounced back on Saturday to beat Houston Baptist, 65-45 and it was a team effort – everyone got to play.

Throughout the whole trip, Sara Alva kept me laughing. "For the nation" (inside joke).

While traveling on the bus for four hours we watched "Laugh to Keep from Crying" by Tyler Perry. I'm sitting with our manager Da Da on the way back to Corpus...

Check in later I'm going to sleep.


Imani Dunn

Imani Dunn is a junior on the women's basketball team.