Women's Basketball enjoys most successful summer camp ever

Women's Basketball enjoys most successful summer camp ever

The Texas A&M - Corpus Christi women's basketball program enjoyed its most successful summer camp ever this week when they saw a new high of 114 kids at the four-day event.

It is the first time in the program's history that they have eclipsed the 100-member mark after improving on last year's 95 attendees.

The addition of new campers was a welcome sight for assistant coach and Director of Camps Geoff Grawn.

"Last year I was thrilled and if anyone would have said we would eclipse that I would be ecstatic," said Grawn. "Since we were able to add more attendees this year, it shows the connection we have with the area.

"We are glad they love being a part of our camp."

Part of the reason the increase was possible is due to the donations of the many camp sponsors, particularly from Stripes through the years. They have been the primary camp sponsor for the past nine years and continue to give to the program. Shea Physical Therapy and the Navy/Army Federal Credit Union also contribute yearly to the camp's success.

"The money that they donate to us for camp allows us to put on the type of camp that makes it attractive to youth from throughout South Texas," said Grawn. "Their support helps our program continue to grow in the community."