Shorts From Schwarz: Vol. 1, Issue 1

Hey Islander Fans,

Well, it has been awhile, but softball season is here again!  It has been an interesting couple of weeks getting into the swing of games and tournaments.  The Islanders have competed in many games versus ranked teams (U of H, Texas, Baylor, and ULL).  Our preseason allowed us to sort some things out defensively and offensively.  We are young, but we do not want to use that as a crutch at the end of the year.  It is nice to have the teams with numbers in front of their names in our past.  We now know where we need to be to become playoff ready, and we have time to get there!
We have actually already started Conference play!  Yesterday, we opened up against UTSA here at home.  Had a rough first game, kind of beat ourselves up, but I know we will work to improve on the pieces of our game that were lacking.  Thankfully, we picked it up and were able to take game two from the Roadrunners in a hard fought battle.  Next Friday and Saturday we will take on Northwestern State on the road!  I am sure they will come out hungry, so we must have our game faces on from game one, inning one, pitch one!
Thanks for keeping up!