Islanders Invasion Kicks-Off 2012-13 Basketball Season

Islanders Invasion Kicks-Off 2012-13 Basketball Season


CORPUS CHRISTI – The Texas A&M - Corpus Christi basketball programs, along with the cheer and dance squads and pep band, kicked off the 2012-13 season in front of over 700 fans Thursday night at Islanders Invasion in the Dugan Wellness Center.

The evening opened with a performance from the Islanders cheer and dance teams. Then, the women's and men's basketball teams were announced head women's basketball coach Royce Chadwick and head men's coach Willis Wilson addressed the crowd. 

The main event started with the three-point contest. Three players from the men's team and three from the women's team paired up. Trish Amboree and Brandon Pye teamed up to advance to the finals against Janae Blount and Cole Martinez. In the end, Blount and Martinez won 16-10.

The Invasion continued with the women's basketball team showing off their dance moves with music from the 70s up to the current era and the men's team entertaining the crowd with dance moves of their own.     

Next was a slam-dunk contest, judged by President Flavius Killebrew, Vice President for Institutional Advancement Trent Hill, Big Frank Edwards from K-99, Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Don Deis, season-ticket holder Denise Housler and Blue Crew President Eric Lindgren.

William Nelson, Joy Williamson, Jelani Currie, Nate Maxey and defending champion Johnathan Jordan competed in the event. Jordan and Nelson advanced to the finals with Jordan defending his title with a score of 105-85 over Nelson.

Izzy joined the cheer and dance teams for a skit before the event concluded with scrimmages by both the men's and women's basketball teams.

The women's white and blue teams tied 14-14. Morgan Schwartz and Marquesha Anderson-Sparks led the white team with four points apiece while Taryn Gregory led the blue with four points.

The men's blue team topped the white team 12-8. Pye led the blue team with the only trey of the scrimmage while Martinez led the gray team with four points.

Throughout the night fans received giveaways and participated in a Twitter contest.

Season tickets are on sale for both the men's and women's programs. Men's season tickets start at $129 and women's tickets start at $100. Fans can call 825-BALL or click here to order tickets today.