As Hurd on the Sideline: Vol. 1, Issue 9

As Hurd on the Sideline: Vol. 1, Issue 9

Hello, everybody.  This is going to be my last blog for the season. I might give one out over the summer or I might not. Depends on how I feel.

Our team goal this year was to make it to the postseason and go on a Cinderella run like Butler and VCU from last year but unfortunately we fell short. But, we did finish out on a positive note sending Chris out with a win. It's too bad we couldn't take him to the postseason.

I think a Cinderella team to watch this year is Detroit.  Their stud, Ray McCallum, Jr., went to middle school with me. "Ray Michael" (that's what his mom called him when he was in trouble) and I played together my eighth grade year.  We were by far one of the best middle school guard 1-2 punches in the city.  Unfortunately, we lost in the district championship to a school with a bunch of man-children.  They had chest hair in the eighth grade. CHEST HAIR IN THE EIGHTH GRADE!!!!!!

Shout out to T-Time getting Honorable Mention from the conference. I feel like he should've been named Second Team and he feels the same way, but that gives him something to work toward in the offseason. 

Speaking of the offseason, usually offseasons are a chance to improve individually.  At the beginning of the offseason, teams usually get one to two weeks off to take care of nagging injuries, focus on schoolwork and catch up on some sleep as well.  Only a few coaches start offseason right away with workouts.

As far as offseason workouts, teams usually focus on getting stronger and preparing for the grind next year with pretty heavy lifting and skills work. Most of our conditioning is open gym unless guys act up and we have to run for punishment. But that's not our team.

Anyway, back to March Madness. My favorite NCAA Tournament run by any team is the George Mason run in 2006. Those dudes played like a team and played unselfish basketball. I think a couple of them were originally football players too. How crazy is that? Pretty crazy. 

My favorite March Madness game is a tie between the Vermont vs. Syracuse upset in 2005 and Bucknell surprising Kansas in 2005.  I pretended to be UVM's T.J. Sorrentine for the rest of the spring and summer. That shot is ridiculous.  Check it out.

No doubt in my mind we'll be that next Cinderella team sooner or later.

Enjoy the Madness.

It's been real!


Charlie Hurd is a junior who is sitting out this season due to NCAA transfer rules. The Houston native played two years at Division II Tarleton State before coming to the Island University.