As Hurd on the Sideline: Vol. 1, Issue 7

As Hurd on the Sideline: Vol. 1, Issue 7

What's up, y'all?  I hope everybody enjoyed Homecoming Week.  Thanks to all those who came out and supported us the past few home games.  We REALLY appreciate the fan support.

Campus has been crazy lately, especially this week with Homecoming. I got to jump against the Velcro moonwalk inflatable.  It might be the closest I will ever be to getting to be like Spiderman.  I had a little too much fun and had some good attempts where I got stuck for a while, but the attempt on video was absolutely terrible. 

Speaking of Spiderman, I am excited for the new Spiderman to come out.  It looks like it will be pretty awesome, but I am even more excited about a different movie.  It has a shot at being my personal favorite … yes … Dark Knight Rises.

Every time the trailer comes on, I close my eyes and put my hands over my ears so I don't get used to anything during the movie.  Immature? Absolutely, but I am a fan so I could care less.

If I could be any superhero, hypothetically speaking, I would be Batman.  He is the total package of brains, brawn and, best of all, money.  It is set to release on July 20th. I can't wait.  Did I forget to tell y'all the release date? Oh well, my bad, it comes out July 20, 2012!

I hope Maggie Gyllenhaal does not make an appearance in the movie.  Tom Cruise probably didn't want Katie Holmes in the movie and prevented her from working in The Dark Knight.  What a disappointment. Oh well. (What was Christopher Nolan thinking? WAS he thinking?)

On to our team.  Ted Wang just got the freshest taper fade in Corpus, but I'm not going to lie, I miss the mullet.  It seems to be working for him though.  Since the haircut, every girl I walk by won't stop screaming for Ted.  I thought Kevin Lynch was the bachelor of Corpus Christi, but it looks like Ted has claimed the title.  It has been rumored he is the Asian version of Bradley Cooper, according to some of our cheerleaders.  Good for Theodore.

As for the Super Bowl, I am picking Pats over the G-Men, 24-14.

It's been real!


Charlie Hurd is a junior who is sitting out this season due to NCAA transfer rules. The Houston native played two years at Division II Tarleton State before coming to the Island University.