As Hurd on the Sideline: Vol. 1, Issue 4

As Hurd on the Sideline: Vol. 1, Issue 4

Islanders Nation, what's going on?!

Sorry for not being on time with my blog. My finals schedule has been pretty crazy. December is a crazy month in general.

Usually with finals, there's not a set schedule for practice times because people have meetings, finals and study group meetings to work around.  So practice can come at either noon or 7:00 at night, so scheduling can get pretty complicated. 

We're at a point where we can't take much time off because we have five games in eight days coming pretty soon. We've been practicing really hard and making a lot of gains. Since there's such a long time from our last game vs. UH, we've been playing each other in practice (duh).

Coach Wilson made things really interesting one day. He had the seniors, juniors, and Ted vs. underclassmen. Need I say any more?

We got buckets and handed them a couple old fashioned butt whoopings.  Maybe next time, "kids." All kidding aside, we've gotten a lot better and I can guarantee y'all will see a much improved team for our game vs. South Alabama on Dec. 15.

Thanks goodness the NBA is coming back this month. The Rockets are my team. But to go along with the NBA coming back are annoying talks. I can't stand the Kobe vs. Lebron talks. They're annoying. I like Kobe just fine, LeBron gets on my nerves. 

But the best player in the league right now is Dirk.  Nobody can stop the one-legged fade game. NOBODY.

Congrats to everyone graduating, I hope nobody takes a spill while walking – like this.

It's been real!


Charlie Hurd is a junior who is sitting out this season due to NCAA transfer rules. The Houston native played two years at Division II Tarleton State before coming to the Island University.