As Hurd on the Sideline: Vol. 1, Issue 1

As Hurd on the Sideline: Vol. 1, Issue 1

Hello Islanders Nation! My name is Charlie Hurd and I have been asked to give some behind the scenes details about our team throughout the year.

First, a little history about how I ended up an Islander.

I have known Coach Wilson and Coach Gross since I was six years old and they were coaches at Rice.  After one basketball camp, I ended up going to about four or five Rice camps a summer until I was about 16.  Needless to say, me and Coaches Wilson and Gross became pretty close, especially Coach Wilson.

Playing for Coach Wilson has been a dream come true for me.  While other kids were dreaming of playing for Coach K, Roy Williams, even Jerry Tarkanian, I wanted to play for Coach Wilson at Rice.  He really lets us play in practice.  Everything we do is designed so we can compete against each other at our best.  Practice is hard, but it's fun at the same time.

We've got a young team this year.  We have a lot to learn, but we have made tremendous improvements.  We still have a lot of improvements to make, but we will get there with our best effort, day in and day out, along with enthusiasm.

Our team is pretty cool off the court. Nobody has ego issues and everybody is funny in their own way.  For example, James King loves sending out hilarious pictures to me and Jake Kocher.  When I'm walking out of class sometimes I'll get some texts with funny pictures like this:


That's it for now. If y'all have any questions feel free to email and they'll get it to me.

Bloggers usually have a sign out message. One of my friends back home who we nicknamed Boosie (LONG story) – when he leaves to go home he likes to put his finger up and say, "It's been real." It's one of the weirdest ways to say goodbye but it's nonetheless hilarious. I hope there's no copyright infringement involved with Boosie.

It's Been Real!


Charlie Hurd is a junior who is sitting out this season due to NCAA transfer rules. The Houston native played two years at Division II Tarleton State before coming to the Island University.