Islander Athlete Mentor Program

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The Islander Athlete Mentors program is an academic year voluntary commitment for both Mentors and Mentees. Beginning at the start of each fall semester, mentors will be paired up with a mentee, who they will guide and support through their first academic year at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. In addition to the individual mentoring piece, IAM members also commit to participating in at least one community service project during the spring semester.

Description: Islander Athlete Mentors help mentees by answering questions, being a resource, solving problems and serving as student leaders. Mentors should foster progress in their mentees' adjustment to college life as a student-athlete, develop a lasting relationship with their mentee as well as other mentors and also act as a positive representation of Islander Athletics.

• Student-Athletes who are former Islander Athlete Mentees, Juniors, Seniors or Fifth Years (must attend entire academic year)
• Good communication skills
• Positive attitude about the University and its faculty, staff and students
• High standards of ethics and integrity
• Must be in good academic standing

Benefits of being a mentor:
• Experience a unique service opportunity
• Learn new leadership skills
• Obtain credentials for resume
• Being a role model for other student-athletes
• Option to obtain a certification as a Peer Educator

Description: Islander Athlete Mentees will have full access to ask questions and receive answers about the student-athlete experience at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. With the guidance of a mentor, mentees will progress as college students and individuals while adjusting to college life. Mentees will have the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with their mentor as well as other mentees and also act as a positive representation of Islander Athletics.

• Freshman or Transfer Student-Athletes
• Willing to grow as an individual
• Enthusiasm and desire to discover opportunities at the University from other student-athletes

Benefits of being a mentee:
• Relationships with other student-athletes at Texas A&M - Corpus Christi
• Access to a wealth of knowledge
• Connection to experienced upperclassmen to aid in the new student transition
• Opportunities to discover numerous campus and community activities and resources

Contract Agreements
All Mentors and Mentees must sign a contract agreement which upholds them to several commitments throughout the academic year. We ask that all Mentors and Mentees attend an IAM orientation session at the beginning of each semester, that they attend all training workshops associated with the program (meeting times and frequency vary each semester depending on the schedules of the participants), participate in at least one community service event as a group, they must maintain weekly contact with their assigned Mentor and/or Mentee, and they must uphold the standards of the IAM program. All student-athletes that volunteer for the program also must gain permission from their head coaches in order to participate.