Islander Cup

The Islanders Cup will provide coaches and student athletes the opportunity to promote success and unity in the commitment areas of the Student-Athlete Affairs Program. Through a fun and challenging competition, the Islanders Cup encourages involvement on many levels. It allows student athletes to earn credit for participating in opportunities in which they might already be active. The Islanders Cup competition also reveals the coaches commitment to helping student athletes grow and will build unity among teams as well as within each individual team.
By participating in the competition, it is our expectation that student athletes will continue to achieve success both on and off the playing field.
Point totals will be posted on the Islanders Cup Score Board in Study Hall and will be updated throughout the year. At the end of the year, points will be totaled, and the winner of the Islanders Cup will be crowned at the annual Athletics Banquet. The first place team receives $1000, second place $700, and third place $500.  The first place team will be treated to a pizza dinner during finals.  In addition, the student athlete that has the highest level of participation throughout the year will be awarded the CHAMPS High Achiever Award.  Points will be awarded in the following categories:

Islanders Pride

This category encourages student athletes to support fellow Islanders in competition.  Student athletes will have the opportunity to attend home or away events of their peers. For major games against ranked teams or rivals we may offer bonus points for attending.
• 2 points per athlete for every home game up to 40 points
• 5 points per athlete for every away game up to 40 points
• 100 points for required percent of team (see scoring) for attending home games
• Up to 150 points for meeting 100% attendance at rival game
• Submitting Photos - 50 points for submitting 5 photos.  A maximum of 10 photos can be submitted per event.
• Photos may be submitted by email
• There is no limit to the number of times a team can participate in this section

Personal Development

This category offers both teams and individuals an opportunity to attend workshops and seminars that encourage student athletes to strive for their personal potential. Examples of personal development seminars include substance abuse, study skills, time management, diversity awareness, nutrition, and healthy body image workshops or campus workshops that are similar in nature.  Points can also be gained through participation in University Student Organizations and/or Student-Athlete Organizations.

• 20 points per athlete per event (on campus or through Student-Athlete Affairs) up to 40 points
• 200 points - required percent of team must attend (see scoring)
• If it is an All Athlete Mandatory event, 100% of team must be present (or provide excuse) to receive any points.

SAAC Leadership
• Executive Board Members – 30 points per meeting
• Voting Members - 20 points per meeting, lose 10 points for non-excused absences
• General Members - 10 points per meeting

Islander Athlete Mentors & Mentees
• Mentors – 200 points per semester
• Mentees – 100 points per semester
• For any member who passes their certification they receive 50 additional points
ª Facebook Membership – for every athlete that “like’s” the Center for Athletic Academic Services Facebook page the team will get 10 points


Community Service

This category refers to the Islanders tradition of community involvement. Points are awarded to individuals or teams for participating in service projects in the Corpus Christi community.
• 20 points for every 30 minutes of service
• 100 points if required percent of the team participates (see scoring)
• Submitting Photos - 50 points for submitting 5 photos.  A maximum of 10 photos can be submitted per event.
• Photos may be submitted by email
• There is no limit to the number of times a team (or individual) can participate in this area.
• Must have documentation (pamphlet/contact info, photos for event organizer)
• Mandatory team events will not count toward Islanders Cup (this will be at the discretion of Student-Athlete Affairs Coordinator)
• The Student-Athlete Affairs Coordinator can also assign Community Service events along w/ a point value at their leisure



This category provides opportunities for student-athletes to challenge themselves academically, both individually and as a team.
Points for highest team GPA (Per Semester for previous Spring & Fall)
100 points for 1st
75 points for 2nd
50 points for 3rd
25 points for 4th
150 Points for most improved GPA (Fall—Spring & Spring –Fall)


This category allows opportunities to gain points for athletic success. Teams will be awarded for wins in rivalry games (as chosen by the Athletic Director).
150 points for Rivalry Game Win (must win 2 of 3 if a series)
175 points for winning the regular season
200 points for winning the Conference Championship
250 points for an NCAA appearance
Team Percentages
Points will be awarded based upon meeting the percentage of members required to attend – membership is based on roster numbers at the time of the event.
·         <10 members – 80%
·         11-25 members – 70%
·         25-40 members – 60%
·         >40 members – 50%